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Khunnie <33

Over the past week or so I grown into such a major Nichkhun (2PM) fan <33 omg he is so cuuute and loveable!!

His father is Thai and his mother in Chinese. He was born in the US, raised in Thailand, went to New Zealand for schooling when he was 12 then later in the US where he was discovered by JYP scouts. In an interviews, Khunnie said during the audition he couldn't sing nor dance and it is undeniable that he was scouted due to his good looks. But then he went on to say he'll continue to work hard because he doesn't have many skills and therefore wishes to learn and improve his skills. I found that very inspirational =)) He was scouted for his good looks but he got to where he is today due to his hard work and effort. Khunnie has so much virtue and integrity. I aspire to be that kind of a character XD

I was also watching Idol Army Season 3 which 2PM were the host and Shinee were the guests XD OMG~ it was so hilarious and sooo cute!! I think this was when my love for Khunnie started. I'd see pics of him before but I wasn't a full blown fan like I am now XD Anyway Idol Army is a Korean variety show and before they play games theres partner selection where members display their charm. Nichkhun was so thoughtful in displaying his charm to Minho. From doing mirrored dance steps to "Love Like Oxygen" to compliment Minho, to the flower ring~~ omg so cute!! <3 The things he said were also really thoughtful too hehe~~ during the final part of partner selection, Khunnie had the cutests facial expressions cos he thought he'd lose Minho~~ ahh~~ but they still ended up together! They were a very very cute couple!! <33 hahaha~~

Gosh~~ this is what I've been doing instead of studying @_@;;