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Antiques, old houses and creepy bathrooms?

This semester I've really screwed my sleeping pattern. I always seem to be able to work in the wee hours of the night. At 3am the world is so peaceful and quiet and it just make me feel I can really gather my thoughts together. hahaha~ not really. I know its really damaging to my health, if I continue to do this it affects Vit D intake, social life blah blah blah~ I am stubbornly trying to change though! Especially when its actual, actual semester break so I can sleep in every day ^________^

Due to my crazy sleeping pattern I probably don't sleep a nice full 8 hours of sleep and don't get time to ponder or analyse my dreams. And dreaming is one of my biggest pastimes! > < But last night I had the strangest dream... I remember it too.

In my dream my family moved houses and our new house happened to be this big antique house in this Victorian style with a massive dining room that was actualy like a boarding house-type dining room. Anyway in this big house there was also a piano which in my dream reflected the old antique piano used in the movie "Secrets" [不能說的秘密]. I read this article about Jay's antique piano being displayed in a restaurant the night before so I'm guessing thats why it made an appearance in my dream~ haha except there was this really eery feeling as if the house was haunted.

I had just got home so I needed to shower and the shower appeared very boarding house-type with white tiles, white vanities and multiple shower heads. This bathroom had a really eery feeling. Although I was the only person in there, it felt like there was someone else in the room with me. The me in the dream knew it couldn't be possible because everyone else was in their rooms and probably asleep. So I was kinda feeling edgy looking around, knowing I wouldn't be able to see whatever it was I was looking for.

Do you ever get that feeling? Where you're looking for something knowing its not there but you still do it? Perhaps this dream reflects my uncertainty about the future. I keep on thinking about it, wanting to plan it out but not really knowing what it is I'm trying to plan and do. Like myself in the dream, I should instead focus on showering (which I  think represents the present) rather than searching for the cause of that uneasy feeling, cos it might be all in my head =S