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Last day of semester 2009

Today is the last day of semester 1 for 2009.

I'm really content with how things have turned out and changed over these 13 weeks. I thought it would be difficult for me to stay focused and move forward, trying hard not looking back. I also have to thank all the awesome people I met this semester... I cant believe I was so closed off from your world before and I'm really glad I've opened up to that. You help me focus on the future <3 ^____^

Although classes are over for the semester I still have final assignments and exams to finish, so its not really time to celebrate!

So many of my friends are finishing this semester!! I feel a part of my youth ends with it... but its not a sad departure, its opening up another door!


An eventful first week for the year

2009 has started off to be really fun! On new years eve my sisters and I made new years resolutions so yeah I'm really hoping to make some changes for the better! 

On tuesday we had a movie marathon at Blacktown cinema! Originally the plan was to watch 3 movies (High School Musical 3, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Yes Man) but the schedule was really crazy! So we decided to drop Benjamin Button. High School Musical 3 seemed a bit ... emo. Don't get me wrong, like the previous 2 movies, HSM 3 just seemed like there were a lot of tears especially for Vanessa. I think she was nearly crying in every scene O_O; I love the main theme song "Now or Never" and I like the positive message it conveys and inspires XD I also really like "Can I have this dance?" the scene was really pretty with them doing the waltz on the rooftop of their school. hehe a bit lame how it rained though XD Zac's solo "scream" was good too though I think "Bet on it" from HSM2 is still better! Yes Man was an awesome move too!! It was good ending to the day with this movie and its inspring too with lots humour!! It makes me wanna open myself up to more things XD

Today I went yum cha with my family (minus dad because he wanted to stay home and rest) and with paw paw, gong gong and eba. Amy, Eva, Julie and I were all being really crazy at yum cha XD After yum cha Paw paw, gong gong and mum went to buy stuff for Chinese New Year and told us to wait at the train station. We thought they'd take 5 or 10 mins but they actually took 1 hour!! haha though we passed time really efficiently planning tricks, perfecting our mando with song lyrics and playing another version of that game "cars" XD

I can't wait for our Shanghai journey!! XD


This is a post dedicated to my DDJ! Shes turning one year older and has been through two cycles of the Chinese zodiac~ ^^


I hope you get many well  wishes and lots of cool pressies~ lalala HOPE YOU LIKE YOUR PRESENT XD

Bake bake bake!!

I've become so obsessed with baking in the past two weeks!!

This sudden interest in baking started from my obsession with these lovely banana cakes from a bakery in Auburn. My parents only go there once a week hence I only had them once a week. Then one week I couldn't wait anymore - I needed to eat some more banana cake! So I decided to make it myself. My banana cake doesn't taste exactly like the lovely cakey at Auburn but its still nice. Plus, I got some awesome baking tips from the baking expertevaangel89XD

Yesterday my family visited Aunty Fiona as she recently had a baby. My cousin Matthew is so cute even though he is also really evil. I haven't seen him since winter break so my mum suggested I bake some banana cake for them. But instead I made some cupcakes and now I'm obsessed with making cupcakes and experimenting with icings XD

Anyways here are some pics of my cupcake creations! (The cakes I bake taste nice but don't look nice, hahaha)
I made some iced cupcakes yesterday too (with inspiration from The Cupcake Bakery - zomg I love their cupcakes!). It was caramel cupcakes with caramel icing that I got from a pack. I ended up having alot of icing leftover so I spread some of it onto my banana cupcakes. I really liked the icing!!

first entry testing 123!

This is my first entry on LJ on my new user~ testing testing!

I haven't blogged in.. erm.. since 2006 and blogging was part of my life during high school... growing up... and I want to start posting and blogging regularly again. I want to express myself, write about the things I love, recount my daily activities, special memories or just to simply write to get things off my mind.

This is going to be exciting! XD I can't wait!