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I feel like the weather

Man its been raining all week! Today was the rainiest, if there’s even such an adjective to describe it. It feels like me~

I have this classic little alarm clock I’ve had since primary school. Theres a pic down below, isn't it cute? I put batteries in it last night cos last year, or the year before the alarm stopped working and I go to class late > < This morning I set it to a bright and early 7:30am and I got woken up by it except the time was 8:00am!! Haha~ but still I guess it works after all, eh? Now all I gotta do is set it half an hour back if I wanna start using it again. Problem solved.
alarm clock

If only there was a simple solution like that for other things...


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Jun. 24th, 2009 12:25 pm (UTC)
XD yeah it was really rainy :X
omg that clock is cool :D
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